Restoration of wetland complexes as life supporting systems in the Danube Basin – Restore4Life (2023-2027)

Restoration of wetland complexes as life supporting systems in the Danube Basin – Restore4Life (2023-2027)2024-03-01T08:32:36+00:00

Project Description

Restoration of wetland complexes as life supporting systems in the Danube Basin – Restore4Life
(project no. 101112736)

Topic: HORIZON-MISS-2022-OCEAN-01-02
Type of action: HORIZON Innovation Actions
Granting authority: European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency
Partners: A Consortium of 31 partners from 14 European countries

Restore4Life demonstrates the multiple socio-economic benefits generated by a holistic and transdisciplinary approach for the restoration of freshwater and coastal wetlands in the Danube basin that will contribute to new blue-green infrastructure supporting regional climate change resilience and mitigation.

Restore4Life engages in 4 demonstration sites and 6 monitoring sites all across the Danube basin to make evident that increased delivery of key ecosystem services, as water and pollutant retention, carbon sequestration and tourism opportunities as well as improved resilience of water-dependent habitats will produce multiple socio-economic synergies that also provide opportunities for sustainable businesses and investments.

Implementation of activities basically aiming to restore lateral connectivity in riverine corridors will be supported by a Restore4Life long term wetland restoration service/ Restore4Life Wetland Reconstruction Accelerator that combines timely integrative wetland management with a novel level of societal engagement. The Accelerator will provide tested indicators, monitoring approaches and decision support to identify adapted and future-oriented restoration goals, techniques and holistic road maps.

Citizens and stakeholders will be empowered to engage in the co-design of projects by establishing stakeholder communities of practice, by twinning of similar projects at different realization stage, citizen science, thematic mobile apps and the use of multiple communication channels with special focus on visual, hands-on interactive information flow that promotes emotional links to water shaped environment.

The various tools generated by Restore4Life also including handbooks for business audiences and targeted restoration roadmaps will secure the efficient replication of restoration activities in associated regions. In collaboration with similar mission activities, Restore4Life thus efficiently supports integrative social and economic transitions.

More information on the project activities here.

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